white dog picture - Bull terrier puppies

Tags: Cabins for all breed dogs in tennessee , care of a puppy online , picture of chow dog , tru dog pictures

Added: 17 JUNE 2008

Location: USA - MT state

Gear: PENTAX Optio w30

by Deon KYTE

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samoyed photo - How do dogs breed

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Added: 16 FEBRUARY 2006

Location:  Cambodia – Kingdom of Cambodia

Gear:  Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II            

by Reynaldo APRIL

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Mixed breed dogs pictures - cairn terrier puppies

Tags: chihuahua images , golden retriever images , smaller dogs , Pit bull dogs

Added: 28 MARCH 2007

Location: South Africa 


by Emilia COUGHLAN

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American pit bull terrier - dog obedience information

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Added: 19 JANUARY 2007

Location: Libya 

Gear: SAMSUNG Digimax i70

by Regan MUNDO

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agape dog care - dog training kennels

Tags: valley bulldog , Dog rescue , pekingese dog information , terrier dog pictures

Added: 4 APRIL 2008

Location:  Svalbard (Territory of Norway) 

Gear:  PENTAX *ist DS                   

by Darien KLIMAS

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Bull rider - dog picture to

Tags: mini english bulldog , small furry dogs , puppy care , Dog pictures .com

Added: 2 MAY 2008

Location: Norfolk Island 

Gear: ERGO dc 5360

by Jaslene LAGRANGE

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free bulldog puppies - poodle pictures

Tags: Papillon puppies , doberman dogs pictures , Smallest breed of dogs , catahoula bulldog

Added: 7 DECEMBER 2006

Location: Colorado

Gear: CANON PowerShot sx100 is

by Ashly SEELYE

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